Invitation to the British Congress on Spirituality and Medicine

8th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality
'Health for the 3rd Millennium'

SATURDAY, 22nd May 2021
- Includes tea breaks & comfort breaks
- Speakers have 40 to 45 minutes plus 10 mins for Questions and Answers

10:00 am - Chair: Morning, Dr Peter Fenwick - Welcome to the Congress
                   - Elsa Rossi  - Greetings and Opening Prayer

10:10 am - Dr Peter Fenwick - Introduction to BSMA
Talk Title: Near Death Experience Research

11:00 am - Dr Sonia Doi
Video: Introduction to International Spiritist Medical Organisation

11:15 am - Dr Tania Stevanin
How to deal with Mediumship within a UK Clinical Context

12:00 - Natalie Tobert
Song Closing Morning Session

Lunch break
videos, music, singers

14:00 - Chair: Afternoon, Natalie Tobert
Opening Song

14.10 - Dr Alexander Moreira Almeida
Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Approach to Health in Clinical Practice

15:00 - Dr Vanessa Anseloni
Neuropsychological Approach to Health

16:00 - Dr Natalie Tobert
Spiritist Assumptions of Virus in Different Cultures

16:40 - Dr Peter Fenwick
Final Remarks & chat to Dr Sonia Doi

16:55 - Silvia Gibbons
Closing prayer, healing for world

17:00 - CLOSE

Artists presenting in the event:

Anastasha Meckenna  Anastasha Meckenna - Brazil
Singer soloist performing in several events, national and international. 
 Publio Lenthos  Publio Lenthos - Canada
Musician, singer, and composer.
 Andrea Candido dos Reis  Andrea Candido dos Reis - Brazil
Andrea is a Brazilian, Dental Surgeon with a Master's and Doctorate in Dentistry and Post-doctorate in Materials Engineering. She is currently a professor and researcher at the University of São Paulo. She has hundreds of research published in scientific journals, books, patents, and technological products in the field of dentistry. Spiritist, she dedicates herself to the study and research of the influence of spirituality and music on health. As a singer, she has performed as a soloist in several events, national and international.