Invitation to the British Congress on Spirituality and Medicine

8th British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality
'Health for the 3rd Millennium'

Saturday, 22nd May 2021

10 am - Chair: Morning, Dr Peter Fenwick - Welcome to the Congress

10.10 am - Dr Peter Fenwick - Introduction to BSMA
The need for Spirituality in Reductionist Science Medicine

11 am - Dr Sonia Doi
Introduction to International Spiritist Medical Organisation

11.15 am - Dr Tania Stevanin
How to deal with Mediumship within a UK Clinical Context

12.00 - Lunch Break - Musicians

14.00 - Chair: Afternoon, Natalie Tobert

14.10 - Dr Alexander Moreira Almeida
Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Approach to Health in Clinical Practice

15.00 - Dr Vanessa Anseloni
The Neurophysiology of Mediumship

16.00 - Dr Natalie Tobert
Spiritist Assumptions of Virus in Different Cultures

16.40 - Dr Peter Fenwick
Final Remarks & chat to Dr Sonia Doi

16.55 - Silvia Gibbons
Closing prayer, healing for the world

17.00 - Music

Artists presenting at the event:

Artists presenting at British Congress Medicine Spirituality 2021